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The Facts Show Why You Should Consider "Living Benefits"

Living Benefits Life Insurance
  • Women have a 1 in 3 risk of developing cancer in their lifetime. 

  • Men have a 1 in 2 risk of developing cancer in their lifetime.

  • Every 30 seconds a new cancer is diagnosed in the U.S *

  • Every 40 seconds someone suffers a stroke. **

  • Every 26 seconds someone suffers a heart attack. ***

  • 45% of heart attack victims are under the age of 45. ****

  • 3 out 4 people (75%) over the age of 40 will experience a critical illness at some point in their future. *****

Chronic Illness affects many people and can create additional expenses for a family. Some of these expenses may include:


Nursing Home Cost for a Private Room

For nursing home care, the national monthly average is now $6,266, which translates into $75,190 annually.


Assisted Living Facility

For assisted living facilities the national monthly average is now $3,185, which translates into $38,220 annually.


Home Health Aide (Certified):

For Home Heath Aide, the national monthly average is now $3,623, which translates into $43,472 annually.


With a Living Benefits rider, you can spend the money you receive from your claim as you see fit. 

* There are NO LIMITATIONS on how the money is to be used!

Life Insurance You Do Not Have To Die To Benefit From

Additional Facts To Consider:


  • 62% of bankruptcies are due to a critical illness. Of those bankruptcies, 75% of them had health insurance.

  • 48% of businesses that fail, fail because of a critical illness.

  • 48% of mortgage foreclosures are the result of financial hardship due to critical Illness (only 3% due to death).

  • Spending on Cancer care soared to more than $90 Billion from $27 Billion in the years1990 to 2008, 

  • One in four cancer patients or their families said they used up all or most of their savings to pay for treatment.

  • One in eight people with advanced cancer turned down recommended care because of cost.



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