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Michael Andrews

Financial Strategist / Radio Host

Functioning within the fields of Sales, Marketing, and Finance. Michael Andrews has advised business professionals, organizations, and families for over 18 years on advanced financial strategies that build solid, long-lasting foundations while demonstrating his commitment to assisting individuals at all stages of their financial planning.

Michael has served on the boards of the chamber of commerce, religious institutions, financial organizations, and a media and communications organization at the present time.

His areas of expertise include financial advisor training, retirement income planning, and the optimal structuring of insurance contracts for business owners and families. He spends his free time reading, watching documentaries, and listening to excellent music. Michael Andrews also produces and hosts the radio program Sacramento Smooth Jazz which airs each Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Michael, a talented orator, has inspired and motivated a great number of individuals to forge their own paths to success.

Andrews Financial Services LLC
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