Change the way you think about and use life insurance – safeguard your family or business and enjoy more financial control during uncertain economic times. Leverage your life insurance for protection, flexibility and control while LIVING. Our clients benefit from our life insurance policies which contain living benefit riders that help protect against life’s most formidable risks –

1. Dying prematurely2. Getting seriously ill or 3. Living longer than expected.


Solutions for Families and Business Owners

Discover how to create a lifetime of income that you cannot outlive..guaranteed.

Discover how to incorporate Living Benefits into your life insurance policy. Allowing you to benefit WITHOUT dying.

Discover why your 401(k) or another qualified plan may be a huge tax TIME BOMB and how to protect yourself.

Discover how to potentially get up to DOUBLE DIGIT RETURNS On Your Money, With ZERO Market Risk.

Discover how to create a supplemental retirement income…that doesn't count on social security or the stock market.

Discover how to save thousands…even tens of thousands in interest.

Discover what you thought to be true when in fact it's been outdated, or worse.


Our System for Financial Professionals

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We are a national marketer serving independent agents nationwide. We offer a wide array of highly reputable life insurance and annuity companies, from which we create the most sensible plan for a client's personal, business, or retirement needs using our unique and integrated hands-on approach. Our business associates enjoy an extensive broker support system which includes:


  • Immediate access to our insurance carriers.
  • One-on-one contact with our staff.
  • Extensive daily and weekly training.
  • Equity Share program available.
  • Lead programs and more.

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